What Was the Attraction

What Was the Attraction

Is it possible for a man to approach a lady for no reason or unsure what attracted her to him? Is it possible to love someone you are not attracted to?

Those in relationships will give you reasons on what attracted them to their partners – the reason for attraction could be strange, ridiculous, wow, unbelievable, etc; but that is what they saw in the person. What are those things you think can attract you to the opposite sex and make you fall in love almost immediately?

I engaged some singles and married in a conversation to find out what attracted them to their partners and the responses I got made me speechless and I know you want to read on to find out what actually attracts opposite sexes to each other:

  • Gap Teeth – As weird as this is, it was a form of attraction to someone and he cherishes his partner for this. He said the gap tooth turns him on whenever she smiles and that he could empty his bank account for her.
  • Short Lady – Some men prefer their ladies short and cute. They want to be able to lift her up with a finger as this feels sexy to them while most ladies prefer the Tall, Dark and Handsome Guy.
  • Tomboy – In every 20 ladies, there is a lady who prefers to behave in a boyish manner and dress as one. While some men prefer their women to be ‘lady-like’, others are attracted to a tomboy as they see a friend in this person especially if the tomboy enjoys football.
  • Illiterate – This is a NO for most people but I know of well-educated individuals who got attracted to the unschooled ones they came across. My cousin’s husband didn’t complete his primary school but my degree holder cousin preferred him over others and got married to him; they live happily.
  • Single Mum/Dad – Ladies are attracted to single dads who are financially comfortable and stay alone – they see them as responsible future husbands and fathers. Single mums are the choice for men who assume they are fruitful because they already have a child/children.
  • Talkative – Raise your hand if you are attracted to a human version of a Parrot………. *Definitely not me*. Tony acknowledged during our conversation that he had been in a 5-year relationship with this lady whose hobby has been talking, talking & talking; he is very fond of her as there is no dull moment when she is around him.
  • Fat Ladies or Pot-Bellied Men – Fit & Slim ladies are an easy attraction for most men while others are attracted to plus size ladies. Someone in our conversation mentioned that he will never marry a slim lady because he wants his car to feel his plus size partner’s weight when she seats in his car, that alone will give him pleasure…………I stared at him with a mixed face expression. Some women are not moved or attracted to six pack or even eight pack men, they prefer pot-bellied men as they have another pillow to rest on.

As earlier stated, attraction to the opposite sex is a personal thing as what one finds interesting may be disgusting to another………

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  1. I really have much interest in chubby girls and what usually attract me to chubby girls is the big size boobs. I like it meaty and not bonny *wink*

  2. Toyin Owhonigho - December 13, 2016 reply

    Some ladies also prefer the macho looking guys with six packs. Then the tall, dark guys are also preference for other ladies. For the guys, there are so many other attractions to ladies like ladies with big ass.big boobs and ladies performance on bed.

  3. Honestly, I have had series of attractions.. I alwz have a thing for tall slim ladies.?

  4. yusuph hakeem - December 25, 2016 reply

    Good looking and beautiful people are usually attracted to by many just as a marker will love to see a beautiful hand writing than an untidy writing.

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