5 Don’t When Trying to Conceive

5 Don’t When Trying to Conceive

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and all women look forward to it immediately after marriage. It is usually anticipated within 12 months of marriage; the couple, family members and friends start to worry when their anticipation lingers after two years. Couples trying to conceive should have an open mind free of  worries and also avoid any form of argument or situation that can prolong their waiting period.

I have penciled down five avoidable practical situations to consider when trying to conceive:

  1. Misunderstanding – You have to avoid any form of misunderstanding with your spouse especially during ovulation period. There are some arguments that ensue when ovulation is close but you have to resolve it so as not to miss your cycle that month or you have to wait for another cycle. This issue could be an unconscious recurring event for some couple as they find themselves arguing over trivial matters thereby creating a bridge between them for a period of time and they wonder why they are yet to get pregnant.
  2. Distance – Job distance is a major problem when trying to get pregnant. Couples who work in different cities who see fortnightly or monthly might take long to get pregnant. Couples in this situation could sacrifice i.e. a partner takes a job in the other partner’s city of employment.
  3. Lifestyle – An unhealthy lifestyle can hinder your chances of getting pregnant. There are certain meals or activities (drinking, stress, smoking, long hours at your workstation, etc.) to be avoided when trying to get pregnant.
  4. Psychological Issues – A lot of internal thoughts affect conception. These thoughts can drive you crazy if you soak yourself in them always. We are all allowed to think of our situation but don’t allow that situation define your next action. Certain thoughts you subject your mind to are: comparing your situation to others that have conceived, blaming yourself for getting married too early or too late, calling yourself barren when you are actually not, crying every time you see children at the park…etc.” Conception will take place when your mind is not troubled. You have to choose to free your mind from every negative thought.  
  5. Family Pressure – After the first year of marriage, anxious family members and friends start to put pressure (i.e. bombard you with places to visit or things to do) on you in order to conceive as soon as possible. Though these relatives want to offer a helping hand but they should allow you both decide on the choices to make and not drown you with their opinions. The best way for couples is to be united in love and in agreement.

Fertility is a struggle especially for women in their 20s and 30s, that is why most of them jump at the mention of a possible solution e.g. IVF; these women blame themselves if it doesn’t work out. If you have fertility issues and you wonder when you will get pregnant because you are growing older, I want you to know that ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST.

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