12 Circumstances that Test Faithfulness

12 Circumstances that Test Faithfulness

Marriage is a beautiful union between two people who are faithful to each other.

Faithfulness is possible but some see it as a difficult task, it requires hard work & sacrifice – it entails that you yield to your partner’s wishes without them asking.

Faithfulness is the fuel your marriage needs to reach its destination. For instance, a car with low fuel level, cannot go far. If your marriage was to survive tough times and thrive during good times, you need to be committed to your marriage and disregard every action that can make you unfaithful.

The listed circumstances will help you evaluate your faithfulness, please read cautiously:

  1. Religious Background – Your religious belief could be different from your spouse’s if he/she practices another religion; what is acceptable in your religion may be unacceptable in his religion. Your decision to stay with your spouse despite your religious differences is not easy but if you disregard any distraction then it will just be okay.
  2. Chronic Illness – What would you do if your partner was diagnosed of a chronic illness or terminal disease?
  3. Barrenness – Inability to produce offspring will test your faithfulness to your spouse i.e. if you don’t stand by one another, instead you got someone pregnant in order to have offspring outside your marriage. External pressure can make this issue difficult for most men but they have to draw the line and decide to stand by their wives.
  4. Sudden Wealth – Your taste will change as a result of making it big and you might tend to see your spouse as unexposed or not befitting for your new status. Will you work towards bringing your spouse to your level or make do with someone who has the same level of taste as you?
  5.  Distance – Your mind can be carried away by activities overtime if you don’t see your partner regularly (reason why some distance relationships don’t work). Will you allow distance created by circumstances result into infidelity?
  6. Weight Gain – Most women who gained weight after marriage become unattractive to their partners. Your slim figure attracted your partner to you but your new weight gain puts him off. If you notice this, make an effort to work on your body (exercise and take healthy meals) in order to keep fit so as to keep your spouse always attracted to you.
  7. Old Age – Most women in menopause don’t have an active sex drive. An aged man’s sexual drive is as active as a man in his 20s-40s and these men want their partners (aged spouse) to meet their sexual needs; but problem ensues when they don’t get the satisfaction they crave for.
  8. Impotence – This is a major test of faithfulness in marriage as it can make couples live apart in the same house or even lead to divorce. This situation could lead to infidelity even when the women don’t want to but sometimes they find themselves in a dilemma. My question to women, will you stay if your spouse suddenly becomes impotent? This is an issue that requires the help of a marriage counselor and discuss ways you can both deal with the issue.
  9. Separate Rooms – Having separate rooms is a norm among some wealthy people but this creates distance between you and your partner as you cannot share all your experiences with one another since you sleep apart. It also encourages unknown negative behaviors in your partner.
  10. Keeping Secrets – What will you do if you discovered a secret about your partner that you were not privy to?
  11. Sexual Attraction – If you find yourself sexually attracted to someone other than your spouse, you should limit your contact with them to only what is important and maintain a professional relationship with such person(s). Unfaithfulness might happen when you start to think this person has more positive qualities than your partner – instead ask yourself if the qualities you first saw in your partner are no longer there?
  12. Finance – Dwindling finance in your marriage can manipulate you against your partner. You need to decide to stick with your partner and support them through any financial difficulty as the required breakthrough may come when you both stick with each other.

Your commitment will set the tone for the longevity of your marriage. If you set a tone of faith, trust and belief in one another this will give a real sense that your marriage is solid and unshakable no matter the circumstance – which will further help you both through difficult times. If you prove yourself worthy of his/her trust today, then in some many years to come if someone accuses you of something, he/she will dismiss it, knowing that you will never betray him/her because of your history together.


  1. Demola Turton - December 27, 2016 reply

    Nice and well written article although it seems women centred. However i think personal hygiene and frigidity ought to be explored among others as well.

    • Relationship Discuss - December 28, 2016 reply

      Thank you for your comment. All topics cannot really be discussed exhaustively here but we welcome ideas and rejoinders.


      Relationship Discuss Team.

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