How to Be More Productive in 2017

How to Be More Productive in 2017

Happy New Year to you all. I am glad you are here and I wish you an amazing 2017. Take a look and think about what you went through in 2016, how well did you do?

  • The challenges you overcame.
  • The goals you achieved that you were proud of and those you didn’t achieve?
  • The initiative you took that you didn’t like?
  • Did your achievable goals lead to your growth or do you think you are still stagnant?

Focusing on 2017, you have penciled down certain goals for each month of this year, these goals should not be ambiguous, there should be an action plan & an implementation procedure in order to make them achievable. Inability to achieve some of these goals can make you lash out even in your relationships thereby creating issues for yourself.

Let’s look at ways you can be more productive in 2017 which will also help you achieve your set goals.

  • Take Initiative – You need to be creative and come up with possible solutions to problems even those in your relationships. Discuss limitations to your goals with those superior to you for advice. You should have proposed solutions before meeting them so you don’t leave them to do all the thinking for you.
  • Tools to help you – Devices are necessary for you to keep up with technology and also save precious time from paper work. Some of these include: Wrist watch (to monitor your time on tasks), Smart phone, Laptop, Internet (to stay connected), updated or latest software (to help achieving your goals less stressful).
  • Mentor – Find a mentor or superior who has achieved one or more of your goals and learn from them how they did it. Create time to meet with your mentor regularly as well. In addition, find a relationship mentor who has had a successful relationship to teach you how they managed their issues and grew their relationship to what you admire today.
  • Regular Note Taking – For an effective goal setting and implementation, it is required to update your goals regularly and record them in a notepad to keep yourself on track and monitor your progress.
  • Timely Decisions – You are accountable for the actions and decisions you take in achieving your goals. You should be cautious not to take thoughtless decisions that will limit you or affect your growth. Achievement of your goals depend on the decisions you take in a timely manner.

I wish you meet and exceed your expectations in 2017. People who meet or exceed their expectations climb the success ladder faster than others. I encourage you to make 2017 a high performing year for yourself.

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