Why You Need to Pray for Your Partner?

Why You Need to Pray for Your Partner?

We all kick-started our relationship with God at one point in our lives and we have strived to keep that relationship alive through several activities like Obeying God’s commandments, fleeing from sin, Fasting, Praying, etc. We can get right with God in prayer if we release ourselves to him in the process and let him take control of our situation.

There are influences from friends, family, colleagues, work, environment etc. that can affect your relationship with your partner. As you intend to start 2017 with a closer relationship with God, you should seize the opportunity and be committed to praying for your partner so as to avert the negative reaction of these influences on your marriage (relationship). However, praying for your partner should be easier, right? He/She is one of the few people who loves you unconditionally. They know you better than any other person even when you feel they have hurt you in one way or the other.

You should first forgive your partner of all the wrong they have done to you before you start to pray for them (if you don’t already). You might ask yourself “Why should I forgive my partner or why should I pray for my partner because he/she does not deserve it”? Everyone deserves Grace even your partner, because no one (including you) is righteous as we all have sinned.

Don’t try to fix your partner’s mistakes or wrongs – you might create more problems. Use prayer as the tool to fix your partner’s wrongs and you will find yourself loving your partner more and seeing good in all they do when you pray for them. Connect with God when you pray so that HE can fix the connection between you and your partner.

Do you know what will happen if you refuse to pray for your partner or marriage (relationship)? Think about it.

Whatever battle you are fighting in your relationship or with your partner should be fought first in prayer. Victory is sure if you fight your battles the right way. Your inner happiness is not found in your friends, family or your partner – it is in God. To unlock your happiness this year, connect with God in prayer, develop a deeper relationship with HIM.

Do you know the Grace that will abound when you pray for your partner? It is limitless & unimaginable.

Have you prayed for your partner today?

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