Top 7 Reasons Ladies Date Older Men

Top 7 Reasons Ladies Date Older Men

Do you refer to ladies who date older men as selfish when you see them? You might be jumping to conclusion too soon as most of them happen to achieve, grow, understand faster and better.

Have you dated or did you marry someone older than you? You must have enjoyed every bit of care, love, tender and princess treatment. If you have not considered it, then these reasons could make you have a second thought at taking a decision to either date or marry an older man.

  1. Emotional Stability – They are calm (i.e. they tend to be calm in all situations) when faced with serious problems because they are more experienced in life whether in their career, knowledge acquired overtime or relationships. When their ladies are worried over certain issues, they tell them not to worry and make them understand it takes time and effort to overcome issues of life. Older men are confident and their ladies tend to feel relaxed whenever they are together.
  2. Care – They are more understanding and give room for the ladies’ misbehaviour. They make their women feel loved.
  3. Great Listeners – Older men are good confidants and advisers. Not only are they good listeners, they also remember what you told them. Things that younger men may not comprehend can be clear to older men.
  4. Very Appreciative – The smallest thing from their ladies sets them off unlike the younger guys who do not see it as a big deal.
  5. Sense of Security – Ladies rely on them because they don’t play games with their emotions. Older men want a serious relationship that they can stay committed to as they already have a sense of who they are and what they want with their lives. They are more relaxed and less eager to impress unlike the younger guys.
  6. Less Abusive – Older men rarely raise their hands on their women, they will rather scold them in a matured way than physically abuse them. They see their ladies’ as people to be protected not abused.
  7. More Supportive – Their ladies count on their unwavering support. Older men have an established career and they are secured in their work life; so they support their ladies’ ambitions. They always encourage their ladies and make them feel good about themselves. They also invest in their ladies’ and watch them grow.

Successful men featured on the Forbes 400 list married women seven years younger”

Consequently, Ladies tend to be more submissive unconsciously to older men as they listen to and respect them. For instance, when the older guy speaks, they just find themselves submitting.

Relationships are full of highs and lows, and how we manage them will determine the growth of the relationship. Age gap in relationships comes with its own pros and cons – but more pros are experienced.

Regardless of the age difference in any relationship, what actually counts are both the understanding and love both parties share which in some studies show that it is more evident in older men/younger ladies relationships (not in all cases).

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