Building Trust in Your Relationship

Building Trust in Your Relationship

Relationships differ from one another and each relationship is unique in its own way. One major factor that is common to all relationships is the issue of TRUST.

When one party shows how trustworthy he or she is, the other party may not even consider all other attributes because it shows that you can trust the person with your secrets, with your thoughts, your aspirations, and with your all.

Trust in relationship is seen as a string that binds two or more people together which encourages lasting friendship and togetherness. Trust however, had been tested severally in times past and that is why it is imperative to define a relationship especially those that will stand the test of time before you can be rest assured of its lifespan.

To make a relationship last and built around trust, these things should be put into consideration:

Truthfulness: Those in relationship should at all times be true to themselves and understand their body languages (i.e. whenever one party tells a lie to cover up a mess, the other quickly gets the message and understands). Being true to one another builds trust between both parties and gives no room for false information or rumour about them.

Agreement: A relationship with no agreement will give room to lack of trust. When both parties agree most times on issues relating to them, other things will normally follow with ease. It is important to note that couples that agree, always do things with the ‘we’ concept and not the ‘I’ concept which most times builds trust between them.

Friendship: This means your spouse must actually be your friend. A friend is one who you are comfortable with, talk to, laugh with, cry with and share various ideas and goals with. Being friends with your spouse brings you closer and this builds the trust between you two. This attribute takes relationship to a greater height of trust as things fall into place naturally for the couple.

Believe: Building trust in any relationship requires you believe in yourself and in your partner. Believing in your partner against all odds will boost the trust in the relationship and consequently the love you share. Even when your partner is not there to defend his or herself in any situation; your resolve to believe in him/her is a pointer that the relationship is built on one solid rock called TRUST.

Understanding: Understanding one another is a pointer to the issue of TRUST and its build up. Understanding one’s spouse also encourages the building of TRUST in that, when a decision is “stupidly taken” it is understood by the partner that it will probably yield a good result in the end. This goes to say a lot about the trust element from the understanding ‘partner.

All the above points are however not exhaustive but are pointers to a healthy loving and lasting relationship built around trust.

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