Should You Support Your Spouse on Issues Against Your In-Laws?

Should You Support Your Spouse on Issues Against Your In-Laws?

Newly married couples are usually ecstatic haven falling in love and looking ahead for a more adventurous journey in wedlock. Most newlyweds however do not envisage that their in-laws’ influences could be much more than expected in their marriage.

I know of a couple who had everything going well for them after marriage until the husband’s younger sister started having issues with her brother. This began when she was posted for service (National Youth Service Corps) to the couple’s state of residence which necessitated her staying with them. She began having issues with her brother when one day he came home to find her in the midst of male friends in his living room. To worsen the situation, he couldn’t get anything to eat because she had entertained her male friends with the meal supposedly meant for him. At another time, on getting home the main door was left open with no one at home, only for his sister to walk in 45minutes later with no apologies.

The incident that broke the camel’s back was when she disrespected the wife’s cousin and sent him out of the house in the rain.

This generated a lot of issues between the couple where the husband insisted his sister can no longer stay with them as a result of her unruly, disrespectful & irresponsible behaviour. However, the wife took this up with the husband and kicked against the sister-in-law leaving the house claiming the issue at hand was trivial and should be overlooked. The husband expected his wife to support him instead and see the situation from his own view as they have agreed on issues in the past. His wife agreed that the sister-in-law was out of line but she didn’t mean it badly.

Situations as this can be exasperating for the couple but one thing should be certain – the couple should be united. They should agree on how to deal with the issues of in-laws and be objective when supporting each other.

Do you think it’s right to support your spouse on issues they have against their family even when they are right or wrong?

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