Loving Your Spouse the Best Possible Way

Loving Your Spouse the Best Possible Way

We all care deeply about our spouses. We want to “love” them well in our OWN way; but so much confusion, issues and heartaches in marriage arises because we don’t show our partners constantly that we care about them. In other words, our own way of loving them is not passing the love message the way we think we should or we might be hurting them and not realizing it!

Doing all the right things we think is important to our partners including loving them our own way is futile if they don’t understand the love signal and actions from us.

There are so many researches that show there are different little actions that deeply matter to the opposite sex – but which we see as unimportant. If you will learn and do those little day-to-day things, it will help your spouse believe that you truly care and love them.

For example, Wives should notice the little day-to-day things their spouses do and say “thank you,” which is the emotional equivalent of them saying ‘I love you’ to you! “Thank you for putting the laundry away”, “Thank you for taking the children to school and paying their school fees”, “Thank you for putting the kids to bed”. “You’re such a good dad”. Sincerely saying thank you several times a day soothes his personality. It makes him feel appreciated and respected – which is what every man needs in order to feel loved.

Also, Husbands should take their wives’ hands when they both take a walk, or put their arms round their wives when they sit together in public. Regardless of what their ‘love language’ is, those gestures deeply please the vast majority of women. Also tell your woman you love her every time, because women relay the all-important messages like: “You are mine” and “I would choose you all over again”. Yes, it seems so simple, but it is a priceless reassurance of your love; a signal that soothes their hidden question about whether they are loveable and whether you really do love them.

These daily little comments and actions may seem so simple or minor that it is easy to discount them – but don’t. They are so powerful that they can transform a relationship even if only one person does them! Why? Because they signal how you feel in a way that your spouse will actually understand and absorb – and this builds a deep confidence in their hearts that you truly care about them.

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