Love has no boundaries for those who cannot do without each other, it happens naturally without limitations or rules. They both do weird things together that creates happiness for them like standing in the rain or getting lost in each other’s arms in public. Couples often caught in PDA are a show for on lookers who do not understand the depth of their love. True happiness is evident in their relationship and is reason enough for them to get lost in each other. They are happy with one another always and derive happiness from what they do.

True Friendship is also evident between them; this involves openness with each other which enhances their love beyond the way others see it. Couples who were friends before committing to a love relationship found their union interesting. Couples (who were friends before) hang out more and have limitless fun.

Tip: Marry your friend and you will find marriage interesting.

Couples who freely share everything with each other including their burden/grief, trust one another to freely express their love openly regardless of where they find themselves. They are just comfortable with one another such that every other thing in the world can wait.

Don’t hold back that PDA with the one you love if you feel like it. Don’t be shy to whisper to one another and display your inner affection with each other in public. Disregard all barriers and limitations and love one another freely.

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