Hitting Her ≠ Scolding Her

Hitting Her ≠ Scolding Her

Do men get any satisfaction from hitting their women?

We should not put the whole blame on the men here because some women can be held responsible as well. Occasionally, women provoke their men to anger which results in hitting them. If you can’t endure being poked, it is advisable you leave the scene of provocation to prevent any unwanted circumstance that might lead to regret.

Don’t stay in a relationship where your partner hits you regularly. There are women who have built a lot of excuses around abusive partners. Some women come up with a lot of excuses why they stay in an abusive relationship like:

  • Loneliness i.e. I might not find someone better or
  • Age i.e. I am too old to get a man or
  • Acceptance/Insecurity i.e. Who will accept me as a single mum? or
  • Financial support i.e. where do I start from financially or
  • Society i.e. Everyone including my friends all know am in a relationship and they see me as lucky so I want it to remain that way etc.

Some women take beating from their men continuously to the extent that they don’t believe in their own strength and feel they cannot survive on their own. Once a man verbally insults and calls a woman names, it often time graduates to violence. When the beating does not stop after external interventions, it is advisable the woman leaves the relationship or take a break from the relationship until the man seeks counselling.

Women, please know the signs and personally build a strong financial, moral and spiritual life for yourself because most abusive men hold women who are too dependent on them down. Above all, women learn to speak out if your man is hostile towards to you.

There are many corrective ways to consider, that won’t result to hitting one another, but firstly addressing the problem of hitting is, finding the reason behind it which may be peculiar and different from one relationship to the other. As mentioned above, men should walk away when they notice they are becoming angry at their women’s provocation.

Unconditional love for your woman and over-looking her flaws will help you manage your anger.


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