Can Women Have It All?

Can Women Have It All?

Do you think as a mother and wife you can have it all at the same time?

Do you think women have enough time in a day (everyday) to be amazing moms, career professionals, domestic wives and the perfect friends etc.? Or do you belong to the school of thought that women can’t “have it all” because they will not have time to everything they want to at work and home. Clearly, in business, women face unique challenges including the continuing pay gap and the assumed role of homemaker. However, when it comes to “having it all,” both men and women are increasingly running out of time as they feel the need to stuff their days with to-do lists and events, leaving little time for relaxation or idleness.

Having it all varies per woman, as a wife and a mom do you think something will have to be sacrificed when it comes to family time, married time, business life, or income? You have to be intentional and tell yourself when to step aside from your busy schedule and devote time to other things especially family time.

Balance is necessary as a woman, whether you are working full time or running a business. Being a mom and wife requires creating time to relax – me time and family time because your husband needs a wife not a mogul and your children need a mom not a busy mom or boss mom. Learning how to balance your work life and family life is vital to not only your success but also to your mental state.

Sometimes, we are amazed in the number of areas a particular woman is committed from giving lectures, sitting on corporate boards and raising a family are all added on to hours spent on the job.

What do you want to accomplish before you leave, that’s where you should spend your time and focus your life on? As such, you may want to work a little less and earn a little less, but the benefits you receive in other areas will well make up for it.

Being a mom is a full time job and combining it with a career makes it challenging.

The ability to be able to harness all forms of jobs or chores or combine homemaking & career makes a unique woman.


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