Do You Need Clarity About Your Relationship?

Do You Need Clarity About Your Relationship?

Do you entertain doubts about your partner’s love once a while? Does your partner’s action make you doubt his/her love for you? Do you feel you have had enough in your relationship and you want out?

If you answered YES to the questions above; it is essential you seek clarity as to why you are unsure of your partner’s love and the continuity of your relationship. The first source of clarity is you, you need to be unafraid to provide the answers you seek and trust those answers to guide you in your decision making. The next source of clarity is your partner – discuss your concerns with your partner and check if he/she feels the same way.

Issues that can cause you to doubt your partner’s love are:

  • Are you bothered about the way your partner relates with friends of the opposite sex, and why?
  • Does your partner avoid discussions about your future together?
  • Do you feel the communication gap between you and your partner is widening, and why?
  • Are there more unhappy memoirs of your time together than happier ones?
  • Do family & friends have to settle quarrels frequently between you and your partner, and why?
  • Does your partner not give you the necessary career/business support, and why?
  • Does your partner hit you always?
  • Is your partner financially dependent on you and not ready to make some money for themselves?
  • Are you sexually attracted to someone else other than your partner, and why?

It is important to look critically at all these and take a decision in order to move ahead in life. Most people who truly fall in love would ordinarily want a relationship of doing things together, but in today’s love story, it is always a situation of enviable couple before wedding but afterwards, the true character of either of them comes to play.

The last resort of clarity should be to seek the help of a counsellor together or individually to discuss the issues and come to a solution on either to continue the relationship or not.

It is however pertinent to take a decision of seeking help from a counsellor when issues like these arise who should be a cleric or a psychologist in order to ascertain your leaving the relationship permanently or for a while for things to take shape.

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