Most men want to be faithful to their wives; but unfortunately, some of them find that hard to do. A certain percentage of married men experience sexual advances almost every day either at the workplace, club or social gathering; these men try all they can to handle the situation as a man except for those that fall victim.

Is it wrong for Husbands to discuss all their sexual advances from other women with their wives?

Most of them don’t share their experiences with their wives because they think they can handle the situation until the “secret admirer” puts them in a compromising situation.

When interviewed, some men never knew it would get out of hand thinking such were trivial cases that could be handled, one of them narrated his experience thus:

“I came across this fair lady in the supermarket while trying to get things for my wife; she walked past me and mistakenly stepped on me. It was quite painful but she was indeed sorry and showed it by constantly checking on me and apologizing while the shopping lasted. In her apologetic manner, she took my number and called severally over the week checking on me but this later developed to friendship which we both became fond of.
Before long it developed into an affair I couldn’t control……Now at a loss on what to do”.

In relationships the important factor is intimacy and sharing of thoughts. When thoughts are shared, it reduces the stress on one party, the other shares the burden and it becomes a shared one. It may be difficult for the man to share advances he receives from female admirers but if it had been the culture of both of them to share every single encounter they come across, it will not be a difficult situation relating advances from the opposite sex.

However, most men think handling the situation and not informing their partners is no big deal; it becomes a big deal when such a man starts thinking he can just have a fling, ‘’after all, all men engage in it’……This is usually what such men use in consoling themselves when they fall into this type of temptation.

Advice to couples and those in relationships is that for a long lasting relationship, there should be no secret between both parties at all. All issues should be discussed and resolved together in unity of heart.

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