Prefect Man/Woman – Do they really exist?

Prefect Man/Woman – Do they really exist?

Some ladies are still single because they are looking for Mr. Perfect while some guys are waiting to meet the perfect lady. “I want to marry a perfect man/woman as my friend did” – this is a common statement uttered by most marriageable youths.

Who is a perfect man/woman? Where can they be found? Do they even exist?

The word perfect only exist in the dictionary. The popular saying that “no one is perfect” is true. There is no perfect relationship neither is there a perfect marriage; we all strive for perfection. A prefect man/woman does not exist, but the right man/woman does.

Mr. A and Miss B might be seen to be perfect together while Mr. P and Miss Q might also be seen to be perfect together but when Mr. A and Miss Q come together; they might be imperfect as well as Mr. P and Miss B. That is why people can’t explain why their ex now has a near perfect relationship but they were barely compatible while with them. We keep looking for the perfect person but we are not perfect either or are we deserving enough to be with the person we want? We must learn to like the other person’s flaws (if they aren’t major deal breakers) by first discovering ourselves (i.e. truly loving ourselves), make peace with others, establishing a career path and setting life goals.

Perfection has not nothing to do with individuality. I didn’t see my husband as a perfect man when I married him few years ago but today he is the right person for me. Still confused? Let me break it down this way – you might remain single all your life if you are looking for the perfect man/woman because they don’t exist. You should strive for the RIGHT person for you and not the perfect person.

To some men, they want to make sure she is sexy, beautiful, smart, has curves, etc. While to some women, they want to make sure he has a good sense of humour, has good personality, has money, has a good job and loves the same things they do and meet all other criteria on their bucket list. Do you know that you are actually holding yourself back from discovering love because love is out there, but your idea of perfection has blinded you? It is easy to get carried away trying to find a man/woman who’s perfect in every way.

A perfect person is someone without flaws of any kind but there is no one on earth with that name tag “Perfect”. We are all normal people who have shortcomings, insecurities, weirdness, etc. You will never meet someone who does not have flaws, you might not notice them at first but they are there.

A man who is honest with me and real with me is more important than someone who I perceive to be perfect (or appears to be perfect). It’s time we gave up our search for the Perfect persons because they don’t exist (they only exist in our minds) but the Right one does and that right one might be somewhere or even beside you.


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