The Many Faces of Social Media

The Many Faces of Social Media

Technology has won the hearts of so many people when it evolved because it made life easy and faster compared to the old ways of doing things. This technology, especially social media has made a tremendous impact on our lives especially youths as most of them found solace in dating sites. With the amount of dating sites, social media has made it easy for people to fantasize and fraternize unnecessarily with people they have never seen but met online. They fall in love with fake profiles and are being deceived to trade real for facades, likes for love, truth for lust, longevity for temporary and they wonder why their life is the way it is.

Most people who have experienced heart breaks will ordinarily think online dating can heal them especially when they both involve in chatting and talking about interesting things that come unto them. This particular phenomenon is so rampant nowadays and has been discovered to have high risk because most times it turns out to be a scam.

We have heard stories of fraud, blackmail, kidnap and murder all in the name of social media love. The victims could have been fascinated by the lies and fake profiles of their supposed lover(s) trusting them with all their personal information. Most people are caught up in this web called love because they don’t want to be considered unusual (or old school as they are popularly called) if they don’t flow with the norm.

On the other hand, social media has caused problems between spouses and even ended some relationships because they used others ‘online relationship as a standard for theirs. We should not compare our real life to someone else’s controlled online content. We are quick to update our relationship status online even before our partner knows about it – we allow our social network to know more about us than our partners and we wonder why our relationships are not working.

Although, social media might have been seen in bad light and considered as a place not to find love; it however has other benefits like building a personal brand (Celebrity) or business brand (marketing of products), mentorship, gaining knowledge (educational videos on any subject), etc. With social media, Celebrities have been able to create a relationship with their fans and even reward them, while small business owners have been able to reach their audience with the use of social media business tools and others have expanded their horizon with knowledge gained on social media.

The underlying fact here is that in everything one does, relationship is important but care must be taken on relationship that has to do with the heart, giving, trust and life because when one or all these are lost in a relationship, it is difficult for such a person to regain his/her balance and at times result in death. Hence, social media addiction like any other addiction should be handled with utmost care when it involves giving your lot. Keep your problems private, and don’t tweet about them, it will just lead to more issues. Focus on knowing your partner more, not how you can show them off on twitter.

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