Get Busy While Waiting

Get Busy While Waiting

A lot of times ladies get bothered about getting hooked with the man of their dreams especially in their late twenties and thirties. At such times, they try to go on different dates (even blind dates) until they find the most suitable man of their dreams which in some cases might be incompatible with them.

Most ladies in this category get psychologically disturbed and would not want to think of any other thing except getting hooked to the right partner; this may distract them from reaching their goals. What they need is to focus on their goals as well as rebuild their lives so they can attract the right guys to them.

What Then Should You Do While You Wait for Him?

While waiting for the right guy to come, a lady need not halt every other area of her life because you never know where and when you will eventually meet this dream guy or what will be the attraction; hence there is need to get yourself engaged at every opportunity you have. Life is short, you need to achieve as much as you can while you are here and while you’ve got the time. It could even be while you at it that the guy shows up.

Let’s see some of the things you could do while waiting:

  • Try get a new certification: You could get a new certification which serves as an added advantage and could give you a career lift and also boost your self-confidence in the process.
  • Get involved in recreational events: Worrying over an issue in life wouldn’t take away the issues, taking up some sporting activities or indoor games, singing, dancing etc. These activities will keep you fit at the same time help your internal organs function better. This of course could be another venue for meeting your dream guy.
  • Get involved in socials: The world isn’t ending now (at least no one knows when, and we are all still here anyway); so why would you continuously kill yourself brooding unnecessarily over just one issue; the fact that you should be in a relationship and it’s not happening does not mean it won’t happen (give it time). Go out and socialize with people of like minds, you could meet the right guy there.
  • Get involved in in religious activities: You could even learn new things and new approaches to life when you join a department in your place of worship i.e. as an usher, trainer/teacher, singer etc. You tend to learn new things, bring out things hidden in you which people can learn from etc., at the same time it could be an opportunity for that person to sight you and you never know what happens next.

All in all, the waiting cannot last forever but while it exists, it is for a purpose, hence the need to be busy at all times so as not to miss the opportunity when it comes.


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