‘Cheating’ – A Choice or A Mistake?

‘Cheating’ – A Choice or A Mistake?

Love is a powerful emotion that propel individuals to act in different ways. A relationship of love can however turn sour when certain elements start roaring its ugly head. At such times, deception, lies, and infidelity now becomes the norm, but not everyone can take these things the same way. You can’t keep playing with someone’s heart and think it is cool. Cheating should not be a choice or option when you are not sexually satisfied by your partner, you are punishing him/her for something that he/she needs your help to deal with. Cheating has caused a lot of people their relationships, marriages and even their lives; it’s a selfish choice that ruins everyone’s life involved. Cheating brings more discomfort than pleasure, it can bring one down the ladder of success when caught. A married man once told me that he can forgive all sins but not that of cheating.

Some will argue that cheating is a mistake at first attempt and it becomes a choice at second attempt. Others will argue that cheating is a mistake when you are caught but it becomes a choice when you go scot-free.

Is there a perfect explanation/defence for cheating?

Some cheat for certain reasons while others cheat for no reason. Notable reasons why people cheat:

  1. Sexually Dissatisfied – A partner cheats on the other because he/she is not sexually satisfied in the relationship so they go somewhere else for satisfaction without addressing the issue with the partner.
  2. Revenge – An angry partner cheats on the other partner to get back at him/her. I know of someone who slept with his wife’s friend to get back at his wife for disrespecting him. You cannot punish your partner for something he/she did by cheating.
  3. Boredom – This sounds weird but it is true. Some people who find themselves in boring relationships will look for excitement elsewhere thereby cheating on their partners.
  4. Distance – Long distant relationships or marriages give room for cheating especially in cases where there is communication gap.
  5. Ex – People cheat because of unbroken ties with an ex or simply because they find it difficult moving on.
  6. Appearance – A lot of ladies whose initial figure attracted them to their men have been cheated on by the same men as a result of their figure change i.e. ladies who were once slim have become dissatisfying to their men because of being fat. This also applies to men whose pot bellies have pushed their women to men with six packs.

In the light of the foregoing, it is obvious that cheating could actually be avoided to a great extent as long as partners communicate regularly and agree on issues that relate to them.

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